Sonwaro supports the fight against COVID-19 | Sonwaro

Young entrepreneurs support the fight against COVID-19. Two young Coffee production companies made a partnership to heed call of President of South Africa Cyril Ramaposa. On 5 May 2020 the two young Coffee partners chose to make sure men and women in uniform can get a cup of coffee while busy supporting the fight to stop the spread of the dangerous virus.

The event was attended by senior military Generals and members from Logistics Support Formation and Chief of Joint Operations Headquarters at the Logistics Support Formation base in Pretoria. Members were treated to the taste of the organic coffee which is needed by patrolling SA National Defence Force members to give them an extra boost to execute their duties with more energy. Brigadier General Winnie Bobelo from Joint Operations Headquarters thanked the two Coffee production companies and hope they continue to extend their good hands over to other parts of the community.

Information and Photographs by Staff Sergeant Hendrik Nkoe | Defence Works Formation.

SA National Defence Force, your partner in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.