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Technivorm MoccaMaster KBG 741 AO Filter Coffee Machine

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The MoccaMaster is designed to be incredibly simple to use, and extremely consistent in its brewing. It has an energy-efficient copper heating element controlled by a precise thermostat that ensures that the coffee is brewed with water rapidly heated to 92-96ºC, the ideal temperature for extraction. It also uses a pulse-pouring system, allowing the coffee to bloom and then periodically adding just the right amount of water to keep the bed at the appropriate saturation and temperature. In short, it does what a barista might do when pouring by hand. To use the MoccaMaster, all you need to do is fill the water chamber to the indicated level, and add a filter and the appropriate amount of coffee to the brew basket. We recommend wetting the filter first, and using freshly ground, high quality coffee, but that’s basically all you have to do. The MoccaMaster takes care of the rest, including shutting itself off.

About the KBG 741 AO MoccaMaster with glass jug

The KBG range of MoccaMasters is probably the most recognisable with its brightly coloured square towers and more modern takes on the filter coffee glass jug. This version brews up to 1.25L at a time and keeps the coffee warm using a  gentle, built-in hot plate, that has two heat settings. Having said that, one of the wonderful things about the MoccaMaster is that you can brew whatever amount of coffee you like by just adjusting the amount of water and coffee grounds you use, so we’d recommend brewing fresh every time. You’d be surprised how quick it is!

Technivorm MoccaMaster KBG 741 AO features & specifications

  • Brews at 92-96ºC
  • Efficient copper heat element
  • Quick brew time
  • Can brew up to 1.25L
  • Comes with glass jug
  • Integrated hot plate
  • Auto off function for plates (40 mins)
  • Float activated brew function switch
  • Brews in 5-6 minutes
  • Durable metal housing
  • Uses standard 1×4 coffee filters
  • Drip stop valve on filter basket
  • 9 hole spray head
  • Pulse pouring
  • Built with high grade aluminium, BPA-Free plastic, and high-grade glass
  • Measurements W-D-H (mm): 325 x 170 x 355
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